VES Solar adopts 360-degree quality management that cares about perfect customer experience as well as product and process quality. We know that we can achieve this goal only by constantly reviewing and improving all processes that affect customer satisfaction. We prioritize the Quality Management System that will guide these studies, as it provides a basis for other systems to be integrated on it.

“ISO 9001 Quality Management System”, which is harmonized with the requirements of the IEC 62941 standard, constitutes one of the cornerstones of VES Solar’s management model.


“ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Management System” guides our activities carried out in VES Solar, from measuring customer perception to complaint management, establishing, operating and continuously improving thestructure that will create value for customers at every point where the customer comes into contact with the company.


Occupational health and safety is the number one priority at VES Solar facilities. It is under our assurance that our employees and visitors are kept away from dangers in a constantly improving working environment where risk analysis has been made, preventive actions have been taken. We believe that this issue should be handled within the framework of a company policy and as an element of the VES integrated management system. For this reason, “ISO 45001 Occupational Safety Management System”, together with quality and environmental management systems, are three pillars that support each other at VES Solar.


We attach importance to be environmentally friendly and sustainable as an integral part of our value promise, and we see it as a part of our mission to manufacture “green” photovoltaic modules from the production stage to disposal. We perpetuate this subject within the framework of ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, which constitutes an important pillar of our integrated management system.


As a part of the renewable energy ecosystem, VES Solar believes that the issues of efficient use of energy, monitoring and analysis of consumption, continuous improvement of energy performance, reduction of carbon footprint should be addressed within the framework of an energy policy and by considering targets. In this direction, “ISO 50001 Energy Management System” is utilized as a component of the VES Integrated Management System that is carried out hand in hand with the environmental management system.


We believe that the most valuable resource that we will receive support for achieving our mission and maintaining our competitive power is the knowledge we have. VES Solar attaches great importance to the production and use of corporate information to ensure corporate memory.

We consider it necessary to implement an information management policy in order to protect information and effectively run the information infrastructure. VES Solar uses the “ISO 27001 Information Management System” as a component of the Integrated Management System in order to protect the information and to run the information infrastructure effectively.