Solar Energy

Established in 2023 in Izmir, VES Solar is the new initiative of a team with an industrial experience from the 70s to the present, for the production of photovoltaic modules, where they aim to repeat the international success story they have displayed in the machinery manufacturing industry. VES Solar will have an annual production capacity of 300 MW with the 1st Phase investment, which has the state of the art technology in its field, in its 8,000 square meter facility located in Torbalı, Pancar Organized Industrial Zone, in order to produce photovoltaic panels that will lead carbon-neutral transformation. Electric energy produced by photovoltaic modules is a clean, widespread, cheap, easily accessible, sustainable, environmentally friendly energy source that can be produced at the point of consumption. It is a technology that democratizes energy production with its decentralized distributed structure and makes households productive. With all these features, it has a very important place in the present and future of humanity, beyond other renewable energy sources.

The technology used in photovoltaic modules is constantly developing, and more efficient techniques and materials are offered to increase the power obtained from the unit area. Despite this recent rapid development, technology is still open to great advances. We also wish to present our own unique contribution in this dynamic industry that is open to development.